My Pretty Blue Truck

By Gene B.

I was working on a paving project in 1972 when I happened to see a beautiful baby blue Ranchero on top of a load of new Fords going to Wood Ford Sales in Trumann, Arkansas. I was so taken by the beauty of the new Ranchero, I told my crew I would return in a few minutes and jumped in my truck and followed the haul truck to the dealership. I jumped out and ran inside and told the saleman there that that was my blue Ranchero on top of that truck. I bought it right there and then there. The salesman brought it to my work site later that day. I was so excited and it was even a better vechicle than I had expected. It was loaded (for the time)and drove like a charm. It had the 390 Cleveland engine and was fast. The family loved it as well and it served us well for a number of years. I sold it 150,000 miles later and it was still a good truck. Wish they would build it again and look like the new Tarus in front.