My First Love

After owning several "Bombers", I needed a dependable vehicle for transportation and work. My Uncle Petesey had a well maintained Ranchero that he offered for a great deal. This dark blue utility vehicle had a black wrinkle paint top, a great 289 ci engine with a factory 4 speed and a Hurst shifter. That Falcon base for the legendary Mustang and the Ranchero did a great service for the "econoline" prototype in that era. That car was also a driving force in obtaining other Rancheros for restoration. It also helped me learn more about maintaining a vehicle and learning how to be a better mechanic, in fact that vehicle helped drive me into my Massachusetts Army National Guard enlistment as a wheeled vehicle mechanic. That Ford Ranchero was an inspirational part of my job training and helped build a great foundation for my career as a whole.