12 Year Ford Guy

By Jim N.

We bought a new Ford Excursion in about 98 and drove it over 100k miles before trading in. Those trips included many (many) long hauls from Boston to Scranton, PA--through several blizzards. Traveling with our young kids the Excursion got us anywhere we needed to be safely and reliably. 100k miles with little or no issues. With gas getting more expensive--we decided to scale down and took a chance on the Ford Freestar in 2004. A bit smaller but with good interior room and better gas mileage. We've had the Freestar since then and just crossed 100k miles. Only a few minor issues--some of which Ford actually took car of even though it was out of warranty (rear liftgate cylinder). We continue to make those long hauls through tough NE weather--even more so now that my mother is older and living alone in PA--and have carted our kids around like crazy. The Freestar has done us really well. With all that is going on its good to know I can count on my 'soccer mom minivan'! Given some tight finances right now we are going to need to hang onto the Freestar for a bit longer--but again its good to know I can trust it. In fact--its held up remarkable well through New England weather and 7 years of kids trying to destroy the interior! Thanks Ford. I'm with Ford for life.