Somewhat Famous Ranchero

I guess the most famous thing that's happen to the Ranchero is that sometime in the 70's in or near Moab, UT. John Denver was doing something like a promotion for his music (really never cared that much honestly), and he asked my dad if he could sit in his car since he was really hot, and very tired fromt he work. My dad told him he could, in exchange for a Polaroid photo that I still have, somewhere.

The other really cool thing is that the Ranchero has 575,000 miles on it, or more. The odometre has rolled several times, and that measurement is a guesstimate. It could have over 600,000 for all I know. Parts aren't super easy to come by either, been looking for weeks for a new fuel tank. I also very recently found the owner's manual for it, in addition to the car (sometimes Trar) being built in the what was MIlpitas, CA (San Jose) assembly plant and being delivered to my dad after a 2 mile test drive around the factory's track. $2,400 new
RobT. HarBoldT 01/28/2012
Cool story, as many of my Fords have gone over 250,000 mile mark, some w/o even realy changing the oil that often! This was a Fairlane frame, and engine-what size was it? If your still lookin for the gas tank-go further into the Desert areas to find a replacement! If you sent this story to Ford Motor Corp. I bet they'd send back a request for you to test drive a new 2012 F-150 truck w/ the aluminum blk engines! Lots of Luck in the NXT 250,000-350,000 HIway miles. Bear'