The Trucks That Could

Hi all me and my wife have been married for ten years now and we have been through alot. On January 29, 2009 one day before my birthday my wife and I were in our 1990 F350 4x4 460 V8 crew cab that we use for pulling our building materials. We had a 16 Ft flatbed bumper pull trailer hooked up and it was snowing. With over 20,000lbs of material on the trailer and 8000lbs on the truck we were going down the slick highway taking it slow and the trailer lost control. the trailer disconnected and flew in front of us if it wasn't for the brakes and Transmission setup we would have been killed. I had enough time to get out of the trailers way. Since then we have been very careful with that old truck. My wife and I have been die hard Ford fans since young so we have only owned them. My truck currently is a 1988 F150 4x4 302 that I love but I also use a 1994 F350 manual tranny 4x4 for work plus we still own the 1990 F350 4x4. We are rebuilding our house after it was ran into by a drunk driver so we are completely restarting. We have 4 horses that we take care of and we have to haul hay plus building materials for our house. On top of that we have to do our job which we own a do everything bussiness so we build houses dig trenches plumbing whatever and we use our 1994 for the big time work for pulling my 16000lbs Case tractor. If it wasn't for Ford I would be unemployed out of a house and dead along with my wife. Thank you ford for making such great vehichles. The pic is of our 1994 F350 4x4 manual everything on it with the unbeatable 460 V8. We also own a 2002 F250 4x4 crew cab triton V10 which is our only non work truck.
Thanks Travis and Mariah