I Maybe Old But Still Running

first ford no 1 i found this truck on ebay not running but i new it had life still left in her so i bidded on it for two days and i finley won it for 1200 houndred pluse paid 300 for tow o buy the way she is a 1988 ford f350 1 ton non turbo diesel 444 international it only took me 1 day to tear the top of the engine off in below zero weather and found what was wrong with her valve lifters had to order parts but it was worth it and she was mine 2 days to put it back together and she started right up in 0 below weather and that was 7 years ago and still running she needs help now cant find parts but she gets me throught the snow 3 to 4 feet of it and tows a 20 thousand pound fithwheel tailer fully loaded around 23 thousand pounds not bad for a one ton and a 1988