Ford Starts After Being Destroyed By F5 Tornado

A friend of mine, got is 1996 ford out of the shop and the next day, after work, he headed home. About 5 minutes after getting home, he had to go into the storm shelter, an F5 tornado was coming his way. His family is just fine, his wife was at work and his two kids was away at school. So when he come out of the shelter, his house was completely gone, his truck was hit by a huge tank and was rolled and pushed about 100 yards, completely destroying the truck. All the windows are gone, and there is no room inside of the truck to even get into it. After spending a few days gathering up what he could find and beginning to calm down, he took his keys out to the old truck, tuned on the key let the light come on, due to it’s a diesel engine and low and behold, the truck still runs. Now that’s ford tough.