Crown King And The Lookout

During the Gladiator Fire in Arizona this last summer me and my F-350 hauled tons of water, gatorade, food and equipment from Mayer, Az up to the gold mining town of Crown King and beyond. The fire fighters went through alot of water and gatorade as it was already hot in may, and the terrian was straight up and down. We figured a pallet of water at about 2000 pounds and usually went up with at least one to one and a half. The trail up to the towers is like driving up a dry waterfall! When this type of work needs to be done, the vehicle has to be reliable and ready to go, not to mention all the folks on the fireline. I can say my F-350, which is basically stock, and all the people on this fire, who are not basically stock, never skipped a beat.
Casey C 11/26/2012
Best years of truck Ford ever made!!!!