A Collision Between A Semi & 1990 F350 Crew Cab

After fixing up my truck with 107k mi on original 7.5L engine, I took it on a cross country road trip with a Lance camper on it, we covered 25 states/8k mi in a month. Nearly a year an half later, I was in an accident involving another car and a semi. As I was passing the semi I could hear what sounded like something else going on the other side of the rig, soon after passing it I was blindsided. I was hit on the right side causing me to spin 180 deg traveling backwords of into an embakment. Thankfully I didn't suffer serious injuries, other than my back being sore, afterwords I was able to drive away from the secne. Later, I had it checked out by a mechanic, he said there was no damage other then the body. People ask me, "why not get a new truck", my reply is "at least I don't have a broken nose or ribs from an air bag". Thanks for building my truck FORD TOUGH over 21 years ago!