These Ford Trucks Just Won't Quit !

By Tom P.

I bought my first Ford truck new in 1997, it was a 97 F-350 extended cab dually with the 7.3 turbo stroke. I loved the truck and traveled the U.S. working and enjoying the driving since it was in this Ford. At about 20K someone loved my truck more than I did as they stole! A few months later I got a used F-350 4 door with the 7.3 and it had 100K on it. This truck drove great and I traveled the country in style and it turned eyes everywhere I went. 2 years after buying this truck I was hospitalized with a blood infection that almost killed me, I was in the hospital for 7.5 months! During this time the bills stacked up and I told my wife to sell my baby. She sold the truck for about a thousand more than I paid for the truck and the car lot she sold it to was happy they got the truck. In 2009 I bought a used 1996 F-250 extended cab with the 7.3 turbo stroke, it had 200K on it This truck was a 5 speed manual and since my others were automatic it took some getting used to. The truck could pull anything you could hook to it. I pulled a 40' gooseneck with a 30K load and during the 300 mile drive it never bogged down. I put 150K on it and it still ran like new. In 2012 I found a 1997 F-250 extended cab with the 7.2 turbo stroke with 180K on it and it was automatic. I traded my 96 F-250 for a 20K bass boat and now have a 97 F-250 extended cab diesel truck that pulls a 2005 bass boat all over the place. Every single Ford Truck I owned has been awesome and have performed up to my expectations and more. Only 1 was new but the used ones ran and drove like new. I have done the basic maintenance on them as described by Ford and never had any problems. I now have 250K on my 97 F-250 and it necver fails to start or pull anything I hook to it. People are amazed when I pull trucks with boats that cant pull out of the boat dock. They tell me they never hear it idol up when I pull them out. I tell them it's a Ford, trade in their Chevy or Dodge and get a real truck! It will be my last truck since I am retired and cannot afford a new one but thats ok cause I have a feeling my truck will out live me! Thanks Ford for making the worlds best trucks.

Best Regards,
Tom Patterson