The Most Solid Truck I've Owned...

I bought this truck about two a half years ago, bone stock with 193k miles on it. Now, she sits at 221k and still runs like a top. Since I bought it, I've swapped in a solid axle from an F-350, installed bigger 160cc fuel injectors, a modified High Pressure Oil Pump, full 4" exhaust, custom intake, 2" lift, new wheels and tires and a custom-tuned 6-position chip, full stereo system, gauges to monitor boost, transmission temp, and exhaust gas temp, and a host of other small little things.

I use this truck for EVERYTHING. I drive it to work every day, tow what needs to be towed, race it occasionally on the weekends, take it four-wheeling (I've taken her on trails considered as "Jeep Trails" with no issues), drive it all over the mountains, pull out stuck trucks, etc... Whatever needs to be done, she'll do it without hesitation.

Overall drive-ability and towing ability is 100% better after the modifications I have done. It gets moving effortlessly during normal unloaded driving, and towing is 1000x better. It gets the load moving much more easily, and can maintain speed in OD, even on 6 and 7% grades. It also outruns most sports cars and newer tuned diesel trucks, and can bust the tires loose in second gear on dry pavement!

At 221k, I hope she's just getting broken in. I know I can hop in her any day, fire her up and drive anywhere I want without worry, in any weather. I'm far from an easy driver, and put this truck through it's paces on a daily basis, and she never complains one bit. I plan on driving it until the wheels fall off, then I'll probably fix it and keep goin'!