The Dream That Finally Came True.

Ever since I was a kid, i have always wanted a 1990s body style Ford F250. My dad owned a 1990, and a 1994 F250 when i was growing up. My father and I worked at the same Ford dealership in 2011, and my dream had finally come true June of 2011. My dad took a 1995 F250 XLT 351/E4OD 4X4 71k, in on trade for a new F150. I could not believe my dream had come true. I immediately bought the truck as soon as the previous owner took his plate off. Over the past year this truck has impressed me EVERY single day. I love this truck, and take great care of it. So far I have hauled enough material with this truck to fill a high school gym, hit 3 deer going over 60 mph, towed a dozen cars, and pulled my friends out of ditches with my truck. It has never, ever let me down; and has been the best vehicle i have ever owned. I have had a transmission line break on me while i was towing, and traveled 50 miles on 5 quarts of fluid. I went into panic mode, put a new filter and fluid in it, shifts better than when i bought it!!! Its like it cheated death, seriously. Everywhere i go, i always have people wanting to buy this truck from me as well; however it will never happen. I never, ever, ever want to part with this truck. In all seriousness, thanks for making the best truck ever. Mike Liberty