The Death Of The Beast My Best Friend

After many miles (354,000) and many memories my baby died a valiant death. On the way to work on a newly paved road and a soft shoulder disaster struck. As a tractor approached the yellow line the driver had to move over and caught the mud which was 12" deep. Trying to pull back on the road he noticed he would have hit a lady broadsided and went back to the ditch to avoid her. The truck went up and embankment, airborne and rolled violently. Both passengers walked away with only a scratch or two. I the owner wasn't driving this day. My son 14 was supposed to be in the back seat that day but plans changed for him as well as he would have been hurt were he would have been sitting. My trucks name was the Beast. The Beast did its job and was Ford Tough, it protected the driver and the passenger. No other truck could have held up the way this one did. I planned on getting 1 million out of her but that's not an option anymore. I miss my truck and only hope that I can find another Ford that will become a part of me the way this truck had. This truck represented who I am and in my opinion represented Ford as being the best built truck out there. Thanks Ford and to my Beast my best friend I i will miss you.