The Climb

As a loyal GMC/Chevrolet customer/owner for 20+ years, I feel compelled to share my story about our recent switch to Ford. History has kept us loyal to GMC/Chevrolet with one exception. We have owned 3 Ford Mustangs and still have 1 in our possession. Recently we exhausted our efforts after owning 2 GMC/Chevrolet Dually's (gas powered). We needed a truck that could tow our 32' (bumper pull) RV. We heard of a friend who was selling his 99 Ford F-250 Power Stroke Diesel 7.6L because he had acquired another identical to this one. After purchasing the F-250 we set out towards Stone Mountain for a camping trip. Amazed at how well the truck pulled the camper. With a few days remaining of our vaction, we decided to set off again towards the beautiful North Georgia Mountains, with the camper still in tow. The last turn on the GPS said, "slight left onto 180 spur...1.8 miles and arrive at destination". My husband had already made the comment we would've had to call a wrecker to pick us up by now had we been in the dually. We took that slight left onto 180 spur disregarding anything but the GPS and the road in front of us. As we began to climb, my husband downshifted, and we were filled with the excitement of exploring a new camping area. As we encroached the 2 mile marker, my husband asked, "how much further?" I replied, "it says 1.8 miles". We continued to make countless "S-turns" with our 32' RV in tow. It seemed like an upward battle but, we were winning! Our F-250 was pulling our RV up the mountain like a freight train! Low and behold, we ended up in the parking deck of Brasstown Bald...the highest peak in Georgia. Oops!! Needless to say, we missed all the signs advising motorists to disconnect their trailers, campers, etc toward the bottom of "the climb". My husband was fuming and the brakes were smoking by the time we got off that peak and made it to the main road. We pulled over to allow the brakes to cool. My husband got out of the truck to check on things and I just sat quietly praying for the brakes not to be on fire. I/we were amazed at how strong our "new" truck really is...UNBELIEVABLE! When we tell our story now, of course it's a memory, one we will never forget, I always summ it up by saying, "we could've done a Ford commercial!". Ford, you have made believers and achievers out of us!