Steamed But Satisfied

Hello Everyone, I have had numerous Fords, and the 97 F250 I currently have may be the best of them. Yesterday morning, I was setting in my usual parking space at 5:00 am. when, all at once, a cloud of steam rolls out from each side of my truck. My first panicked thought was, "Just great, a head gasket !" Which, with a mear 410,630 original miles, with no major issues, was going to be a shocker to me.
As soon as the gate opened to my work, I crippled my poor girl to a better suited location to explore her injuries. To my relief, it was only a blown intake gasket. My fellow workers offered a number of options to assist me. I chose to load the bed with jugs of water, and prepare for a 40 mile ride back home. Few thought I would make it, having some 12 miles of city, light to light, driving. I wasn't afraid, I had spoken to my "second in command", the wife, and she said she had faith in my decision.
My ford handled the tasking with no sweat lost... Thanks guys and gals at Ford, Keep building Em Ford Tough..