Pluging Along

My dad has never had a "new" truck. Everybody and everything has always come before what he wanted. He bought his Ford from a guy in town to use for his primary truck. He still owns this truck and still drives it to my house every week. The odometer has stopped working but he is sure it has close to a million miles on it. The truck has gotten him to work everyday for years and has allowed him to provided for our family. Its has seen many memorable hunting trips between him and I. About five years ago his mother, my grandmother wanted him to be the only person to cut trees off of her family land. He is not a logger but he took his dozer, trackhoe, and truck and logged for her. In the process he dropped a tree across the full length of his truck. It dented it pretty bad, but he took the trackhoe bucket and pulled out the dents in the bed part. This truck still has the oringinal engine and tranmission. These last two years have been trying, with my marriage(only child), birth of his only grandson, his divorce from my mother of 25 years, and forcloser of his (my home), his" old gray Ford", as we call it, is still plugging along. i only wish that instead of being foucs on my happiness and sacraficing for my happiness over the last few years, that I could give him something in return. My "da-da" and I have had a lot of good times in that old gray Ford.