Ol' Rusty

I bought this old pickup in 2011 for $500 and it has paid for itself... twice. The body looks rough, the interior is somewhat beat up, and yet the pickup has been very reliable. The pickup was originally used as a snow plow, poorly maintained, had high idle time and very low miles. It was a deal that was almost too good to be true.Two and a half years later, it still runs great, and with some of the repairs and upgrades I have started doing on it, the pickup will be good for a long, long time. I was surprised... perhaps shocked... that the pickup even held up this long given how it was tortured under the previous owner. If I could keep it to 300,000 miles, that would be fantastic, and if not, I am looking at getting another Ford. It's amazing how tough it is. One rival claims their pickup is professional grade. Ford's pickups must be industrial grade.