Odometer Rolled 300,000

I am the 3rd owner of my 1994 F-250 truck. My husband and I bought it in May 1997 and it only had one dent in it. Over several hard and heavy years we had to have the transmission rebuilt in 2003. Since then, it has given little trouble. It has the 7.3 lt Turbo Diesel engine in it. Where I think Ford messed up was when they went to the Power-Stroke. While replacing some parts on my truck I have come across some parts that were actually from 1993 trucks. It still has the small factory sticker in the back window showing which factory it was even built in, which was the Kansas City Plant. I have driven this truck all over this countryside and my husband has even pulled a train car, full of sand, across a four-lane highway when he was unloading them. It's been one of the best trucks I have ever owned. I love this truck and am proud to own a Ford.