My Right Arm

By Jim B.

I have a 1996 F250 Powerstroke Diesel that now has about 250,000 miles on it. I have had it since it was new and have every maintenance and service receipt. I lived in Cincinnati for the first seven years, in the Arizona desert for the next seven years, and Houston, TX area for the last two years. It was my daily driver up until last October (2011) at which time a bought a 2011 Mustang convertible (awesome car, awesome mileage). The truck is absolutely stock with the exception of a couple of body trim items that I purchased after-market.
The most amazing thing about this workhorse is the paint. The truck has never been garaged and despite the punishment from the salty roads in Cincinnati and the desert sun in AZ, it still looks like a brand new truck. I get comments everywhere I go. It is simply amazing. In fact, when I get a compliment, I just say that "I will let Henry Ford know that you said that" since I have done almost nothing to contribute to that new look. It has truly been one incredible vehicle. This truck is your best advertisement!