Meza: The Family Of Ford

I would say this story starts about as far as I know. Before my grandfather passed he used to own a ranch in Mexico. That's where the F-250 and the 1976 F-150 come into play. My grandfather owned those trucks so he do his heavy duty work and needed reliable vehicles so he made the right choice. He needed to transport crops and livestock which included horses, pigs, and cows. He then wanted a small town car and bought the Bronco II when it was already discontinued but that little truck did it's work. These vehicles still run to this day. When my family immigrated to the U.S my dad bought a Chevy C-10 Truck that broke down and ever since his hatred for GM began because at that time he really didn't have money to waste. He purchased a 1977 Ford F-150 with and orange paint job. He owned this truck till he gave it to my brother in March of this year. The Econoline has been our family vehicle from 1988-2005 My brothers have purchased the "Jellybean" F-150's, the Expedition, and the rangers. My sister purchased a Ford Taurus but it broke down after a mechanic made a mistake. The Probe belonged to her husband but was totaled by a driver who was driving recklessly. When my brother purchased a crappy Camaro that he recently sold because it was falling apart, he gave his ranger to my dad and he retired the 77 F-150. In 2005 my dad needed a new car to go to Mexico since gas prices were rising and the Econline we had guzzled a lot of gas. He purchased a 2002 Ford Explorer XLT V8 since he needed power to take a whole family to Mexico in comfort and don't say I'm wrong but I have traveled to Mexico in a Suburban and the Explorer is 1,000 times more comforting to travel in then the Suburban. Today I drive the family car which I care for like it's my own, the Explorer that took us to Mexico several of times and it is still a phenomenal car.