Lifetime Partner

By Tom C.

Tom was the son of a New Jersey garage mechanic and his first car was a used Ford Mustang which he drove to Ford Technician Training school in Philadelphia and used it to catch Cathy's attention zooming around town while he perfected his craft.
Tom soon bought a new 1974 Ford Econoline van and converted the interior so a Honeymoon traveling from New Jersey to California and back was affordable. Then the van was converted back again to serve as Tom's work truck and over the next couple of years Tom spent more than a few winter blizzard days helping to pull wayward drivers out of snowdrifts .
Tom & Cathy decided to move to Florida and put all that cold behind them in 1977 and they sold the useful van for the down payment on a little house.
They raised their 2 kids thru college running a private auto repair shop so multiple brands were in the driveway but usually Saturn was the one Tom handed the kids the keys to.
As the youngest headed off to college across the state , again the weather turned Tom & Cathy's life when one of a long line of hurricanes took the roof off the auto repair shop and Tom went to work for a Dodge Dealer as a technician.
That decision allowed Tom to purchase a new car for the first time since that 1974 van and he didn't hesitate to get a 2008 Ford Fusion as soon as one was available.
The 2008 Fusion was a delight to travel in, all over the country, visiting folks Tom & Cathy would otherwise have flown to see. Tom loves driving and they both loved it for it's comfort and dependability. New technology allowed them to use their cell phones like never before and the satellite radio was endlessly entertaining. Soon Tom was working for the Ford Dealer who sold him the Fusion.
When gas prices rose sharply, Tom turned to the 2010 Fusion Hybrid and got a great trade in on the 2008 Fusion from Ford. That 2010 Fusion Hybrid was wonderful also and exactly what they needed to drive all over the state keeping up with their college graduates and updating Tom's Ford training.
Now the kids are married and employed so many miles away they have to fly again to visit. The Ford dealer was very helpful when Tom traded in that Fusion Hybrid for the 2010 Focus Tom & Cathy use around town now. Like that 1974 Econoline their 2010 Ford Focus is a comfortable , dependable Ford Tom is proud to park in his driveway or the local shopping mall.