I Am Sold On Iron

By Erny G.

I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to tell you about Agatha. She is a 66 F250 that I paid $650.00 for in 95. I am a painter & I was working at a rehab apartment complex with my wife & we made a big check one week & we hated the smell of the bathtub paint in the trunk of the Caprice because we smell it all day anyways. I talked to a guy about a engine stand & I bought it a week earlier & remembered an old truck he had that had 4 flat tires, bad paint, & dirty. I did ask the guy about the truck because it resembled a 62 F100 my Grandmothers sister used to take us kids for rides in the bed. Loved that truck & thought of the 66 when I got paid because the guy said it runs & he has to get $650.00 for it. I told my wife about the old truck & she said "it will run & get you home?" I said yes. I have not heard it run or inspect it to make a judgment call. I just remember I had 15 years of experience in restoring old cars & repairing crashed one too. Just knew it would be an awesome risk to drive that truck 15 miles home( on I 30 east bound in Fort Worth) Fri,,6pm. I have rebuilt the axle once, & the transmission twice. That boat anchor of a motor wont die. I dont know how many miles, but Ive rolled odometer once, after several times before me. That truck will fire up & smoke the tires & wake the dead with a 352 2b headers, 40 year old glass packs, & side pipes. Agatha was my Great aunt, so my truck is Agatha too. I love them both & one is gone & the other will not hit the road again until she gets a complete makeover. Ill stick with the three on the tree too. Ive had to drive it for the inspector to get the window sticker because its way back when. Gotta Love It!
Tyler Martin 05/03/2011
Love the truck
John Lash 04/21/2011
that is a truck now