High Mileage And Still Truckin

By Zak W.

I would like to tell you of a certain 1988 F-250 XLT truck that I have in my possession. To begin, we have to go back to when my father, David Willard, bought the truck used back in 1994. At the time it had 200,000+ miles on it and was still running strong. From that point forward, it has traveled over Summit Mountain several dozen times, gone down long and twisting back roads and served as a hauling truck for horses and other animals. Then, it sat for seven years without even being started or moved until I was at the point of needing a truck for college. Low and behold, that old 7.3L International diesel engine fired right up on that seven year old fuel. Don't get me wrong, those seven years had been hard on the truck, but a few weeks later it was back on the road with new brake lines, new glow plugs and fresh fuel. Since it was purchased back in '94 the components that have failed were the glow plug timer and most recently, the clutch, exhaust and vacuum pump; all of which had 323,000 miles on them. I want to thank you for making such a reliable, tough, and powerful truck that, with a little work and maybe a little luck, will last me well into my future. And you know the best part is that I still get 18mpg out of it.