Gas Milage

I had a Ford F-250 with a 428 cid engine. This truck had no problem getting 25 mpg with a 6200 lb truck. I had a shop where I could check emissions and build the engine to perform at its best. In the late 70's it passed all CA standards with ease. If I could do that, why is the car company's having a hard time breaking the 40-50 mpg with much lighter cars? It has allways looked like the car company's were being paid off by the oil company's.
Ralph Young 12/04/2010
I keep saying the same thing. When I first started driving my dad had a 1963 Ford Fairlane 2 door, it had a 260 CID V8 engine and a 2 speed automatic transmission. It was not very good doing suburban and city driving, but out on the highway it got about 28 MPGs. In 1979 I bought a 1970 Mustang that had @ 1000,000 miles on it, it had a 302 engine & auto trans, it averaged @ 22 city & 24 highway for MPG. At that time I worked at a dealership that had the exhaust sniffer and I used it to fine tune the engine, and to my surprise it was burning much cleaner running on LEADED gas, than a brand new Toyota with a 4 cylinder engine running on unleaded gas, and pushing the exhaust through a catalytic converter. GO FIGURE on that one for awhile!!!! Something does not add up!!