Found My Sweet 16 Dream Truck 25 Yrs Later

Growing up I had a huge passion for Ford Motor Company especially the F-150 and F250. When the seventh generation truck was built 80-86 with the IDI international I swore I would have one as my first vehicle at 16yrs old.(86) Instead I had to settle for the awesome Ford Ranger (1984) I did not have enough money to buy the diesel Lariat. As time went on and college passed that style truck got older. I could not find one anymore that were not already ran into the ground. I have had newer trucks but it was not the same there was something about the IDI motor and the 80's style pickup truck that I loved. One day while surfing craigslist in 2010 I found my sweet sixteen dream truck, it was not pretty but it was SOLID. I was able to purchase it and bring it back to life, a little bit of elbow grease and a fresh coat of paint it was golden, heads turn because it looks so original. I am a Vol. firefighter also, I was able to find a first class light bar that was the best ever built in the early 80's the Federal Twinsonic, you seen a lot of these on Ford rescue vehicles back then. Put it all together and you might think I'm stuck in the early 80's except I am not wearing any tie-dye. It's fun hearing the comments "I remember when" from people. When they see my Ford truck and light bar it brings them back to so many great memories. Thank you Ford for building first class quality vehicles, I am proud to say I own three of them. My 1986 F-250 along with a 2000 Excursion and a 2010 Taurus.
Jan Desmond 12/09/2011
I have a 1977 ford f-150 light 3/4 with aa 400 bored out to 410. Low rear end, built to climb trees (and real steep grades). My dad rebuilt this truck years ago and while its rusting out at the wheel wells make no mistake I have the baddest truck around, even my Chevy lover friends admire what my SuperCab has got going on!
Jay Datema 12/05/2011
Son I'am proud of you for taking my advice about a FORD. They are great.
As you know i have a Lincoln 2005 and just love it and a SPORT TRAC 2007 truck. We sure have a good time putting together our FORDS.