Ford Trucks, Keep You On The Road!!!!

I have a 1997 Ford F250 Powerstroke Diesel. It's a manual transmission. The body is in tough shape from an accident before I purchased it & normal weather patterns of southern IL. The truck turned over 358,500 miles today. It still...has more power than I have ever expected. I have owned Ford, Dodge & Chevy trucks in the past. Non has had the fuel mileage and power my F250 has to date. I would love to purchase a car for even better fuel mileage and will be looking for an E85 Hybrid for both economic & environmental assets. Thank you FORD for not taking "bail-out" monies, for excelling in vehicle excellence & price. One of these days, I might just own a new one, but for now, you can't beat the performance, mileage & power of my F250!!!!!