A Great Find

In November of 2011 the '79 Chevy I was driving to sell for my father finally sold. Well I needed a vehical and my 1964 ford F-110 was in pieces. So a gentalmen that my Dad knew, Came in one day asking if any one would want a '69 3/4 ton Ford, s my Dad and I went and looked at it. Instantly I liked because it had the big FE 390 in it and was a 3/4 ton. I talked with the gentalmen a little bit about it and it had been parked in 2001, its 100% original, and he only want $750 for it. Two days latter it was in my dads shop. The carb on it was a junk Holley so we took the Motorcraft off my dads 390 and put on it. Two pumps of the throttle she fired right up with no problems like it just ran the night before. I got to drive it for about three weeks until the oil pressure dropped to nothing and i bent three push rods. So this last winter I pulled it out and rebuilt the motor. When I tore into i discovered that tis motor has never been appart since it was first built in 1969. Now I've driven it for 4 weeks now since i got the motor in it, and it runs Beutifuly. While I had the motor out I also changed the third members going from a limited slip dana 60 to a dana 77 posy, along with rebuilding the bendix sterring box in it as well because it leaked. I did all the work my self and I'm proud to have a great pickup but also a piece of working history from the best automaker in the nation.