460,000 Miles On A V-10 And Still Going Strong

We bought our first F250 V-10 when it only had 11,000 miles on her. We bought our other v-10, 4 years ago and she had 149,000 on it. Now both of our F250 V-10's have over 460,000 on each of them. We auto transport for a living, and we put alot of miles on our trucks, We pull a open two car trailer, the miles are alot of highway miles, but that is pulling up into mountains, and they both run very strong, sound just as mean as they did when we first bought them. People don't believe us when we tell them how many miles they have. We make sure that maintenace is done, We have no doubt that our trucks will last another 460,000 miles. We were sad to hear that ford isn't putting the V-10's in the superduties any more, They are putting them in the F450's
janet s 03/16/2013
we need to update the mileage our 2001 has 602000 and the 2000 has 506,000 we also now have a V-10 Excursion
Adam S 02/26/2012
love to hear that you have that many miles on yours. At 190k on mine and them not making them anymore i hope i get that many also.