2 Wheel Drive Goes Anywhere!

When RJ Hoffman decided to build a wharehouse. I became a construction laborer for this job site. One day I was asked to take the 3/4 ton Ford truck to get some matierials. When I turned the key to start the truck smoke bursted out from under the dashboard. I went back into the job site trailer to tell RJ what had just happened. His response caught me by surprise. He said, "See that wire on the shelf, take it and fix the truck." So I did. RJ asked me if I wanted to buy the truck, I did. I remember when the first time I became a proud owner. 12 inches or more of snow had freshly fallen. At first it was hard to get around with my truck. I was asked to go and pick-up and deliver a pallet of shingles to a job. After I picked up the shingles, my truck, seemed to be transformed into a super truck. I could not be stoped by any amount of snow or any iced up roads. I became the go to guy when our company needed anything delivered, and in the rugged back roads in Alaska you had to have 4x4 to get anywhere. As long as I had weight in the bed of my Ford truck, I was unstopable! I even pulled out other trucks, 4x4 or not, out of their predictaments! My 1969 Ford F-250 will always have my heart. I have been a Ford Man ever since!