1977 F250 Accident.

I used to drive a 77 f250 supercab with the 460 engine as a daily. A rare sight in this country, and many people think I am or was insane to drive such a big truck.
Until I had an accident where I drove head on into a tractor at 55 mph, bounced off the tractor into the lane for oncoming traffic and hit a Honda.
The door still opened and I was unharmed. My truck is total loss, unfortunately.
The police, bystanders and people who saw the wreck all said the same thing; had I been driving a smaller car things could have been a lot worse.
So thank you Ford, for building a truck that essentially saved my life.
I'm planning on buying another late '70s F-series not only because I think they look good, but also because I like the idea of having a reliable and safe car to drive.
tyler draper 04/18/2011
where is the old truck located i would like to keep all the old trucks possible on the road