1965 Ford Pickup

March 11, 1965 my Grandfather puchased this new F-250 from Thrasher Motors in Julesburg Colorado.   It has been in continuous use on our family farm since new.  It has been used for eveything from hauling cattle to transporting fuel to the tractors in the field.  The odometer shows 114,000 miles but it hasn't worked since 1987 so nobody knows how many miles it's traveled.  Since arriving on the farm in 1965 it's worked to help pay for 2 Ford cars, 2 Ford vans, 12 other Ford pickups, 2 Ford medium duty trucks, 6 Mercurys, and 14 Lincolns.   The vehicle has always been trouble free for the most part and has outlasted most of the vehicles listed previously.
Norman S 12/06/2013
Love it, Now that's a real work horse.