The Old Unibody

By Les B.

I put over 600,00 miles on this truck before the Navajo Police decided it was a menace because I was knocking down too many dead trees with it. My dad bought this truck in 1968. It had around 200,000 on and was driven daily from Denver to Cheyenne and back. He put rings and inserts in the 223 6 cyl. while I was stationed in West Germany. When I returned home my brother, Bob, put a 352 and cruisomatic into it. Great combo. When the 352 gave up the ghost he put a 65 Merc 390 into it and I bought it from him for $300 in 1973. I've had it since then and have put another 390 from a 68 Mercury, a 262 6 cyl., another 223 from a 59 Fairlane and 2 302s. I have an 81 from a Thunderbird in it now. I bent a rod getting the pistons broken loose in the 69 302 I built for it when I was trying to get it apart a couple of months ago. I swapped out the 1/2 ton 4X4 running gear for a 75 F-250 set of springs, Dana 44 front and 60 rear, after I put that 302 in it and it ran great! This T-Bird 302 rally runs good, too.
Les B 01/03/2013
That truck spent 13 years in outdoor storage at Buck's Towing in Shiprock, New Mexico. Last March I felt prompted to call Buck to see if it was still there. Took my 89 F-250 down and picked it up for $750 for the storage but, I didn't recognize. I'll pull up a picture of what it looked like before. It took three months to get most of the rust out and redo the floors, bed, roof and doors. It was a mess.
PAUL L 12/19/2012
Great Fords never Die !!!!!!
Jay T 11/05/2012
great truck, great family story!! i like the engine choices as well, especially the FE V8s, haha. and what happened after the police incident? i hope you still have the truck...?