Restoring The Old Ford

By Adam O.

Freshman year of high school my dad found and bought me a 1968 F-100. In it is a 360 motor with the C6 transmission. The truck is a custom cab, which was the mid line pickup that offered air conditioner. I quickly discovered my passion for old vehicles, especially old Fords! I am now in my second year at McPherson College studing Automotive Restoration Technology. This is the only 4 year program in America for Restoration. While in school I continue to study about multiple car companies, agian mainly Ford. I consider myself a Ford Enthusiast and hope to restore as many Ford's as I can get my hands on. My main goal is to restore the cars to factory settings, as if they were just leaving the plant for the first time. Hopefully, the vehicle I restore next will be Americas favorite pony car.
Rose L 12/13/2013
Wish I had my Dad's old F100 , my boys would love it!
po 12/10/2013
Looks nicer in the picture than real life.