Reliable From Generation To Generation

I couldn’t ever imagine driving a better Truck. I have inherited a 1978 Ford F-100 Ranger, aka “Big Red” from my dad who bought this truck brand new 31 years ago. From yard work to fishing trips all the way down to a major collision this truck has survived a lot. As you can imagine as any person or vehicle that after about 20 years of service it began to show its wear, from rust, oxidation, all the way down to a smoking engine, me and my dad along with a few good friends rebuilt this truck from the ground up that was in July of 2000, this truck saw another 5 years of service then was retired to the garage were it sat for 4 years before I brought it back to life, with a brake job and a good tune up, this trucks still kick’in like brand new. Thank you Ford for creating a Truck that attracts great compliments and stares every time it sees the open highway.

- E.J. Caudle, Alachua, Fla.