Rags To Riches

By Rick A.

About 10 years ago, I had the privilege of acquiring a 1979 Ford F 100 pickup with a straight 6 and manual transmission. I purchased it for $400.00 and it needed quite a bit of work, but ran like a top. At the time, I worked for a friend who owned a gas/repair shop. Slowly, I began to invest time and money into my new truck. After about a year or so, I had rebuilt, replaced and repaired everything from the undercarriage on up. New suspension, exhaust, u-joints, rear end, ball joints, wheels, complete brake overhaul, moved shift from column to floor, carpeting, paint, partial engine rebuild and all the extras. This truck was "Gorgeous". I drove it everywhere and received many compliments. Unfortunately, due to financial reasons, I had to sell her a few years later. It broke my heart. After I recouped, I made it my mission to continue to buy Ford trucks. I am on my 4th Ford truck now. It's a beautiful F 350 Super Duty with an 8' Fisher plow. I found my "Baby" again. Thanks Ford!!!!!