Our Amazing Truck

My name is Terry Smith, my husband Rick & I own a 1999 F-250 Super Duty Turbo Diesel 7.3 liter 4 door, Pick-up...and have since 2001-2002... When we got the truck it had approx 100,000 - 120,000 miles on it as of today it has 465,700..and is still going strong.. We have only had to do minor repairs such as 2 water pumps, 1 fuel pump, rebuilt transmission, and replaced the oil pressure sensor. We have taken it in two times because of recall letters we received.
We absolutly love our truck..
My husband values himself as a faithful "Ford Man".. His Grandfather & Father both were faithful FORD customers.... Our son currently owns a 1979 F-100 ..... I am sending pics that are current ( I can send more if you would like)... We also pull a 33ft 5th Wheel from time to time (as shown in the pic... ... The body and interior are still in great shape... It is our only vehicle and we travel every weekend in it all across the U.S. (My husband is an Evangelist)
We absolutly love FORD !!!!!!!!!
And We LOVE our Truck
Terry Smith