My Ford F-100

Hi, my name is Jordan Jackson. I bought my 1982 Ford F-100 backs in the summer of 2007 with 38,000+ miles on it, and at what I am still convinced was a steal at $500 dollars! It has a 4.9L Inline 6 engine with a 3-speed manual trans. with a column shifter on it, this was the second vehicle that my dad used to teach me how to drive and the only one he taught how to drive stick on. It whisked me between home and school until I graduated three years later. When I went to college, it muscled its way through the first half of the year, but it seemed that the 30 year-old engines age, despite only having 10,000+ more miles put on it by me, had finally caught up to it... I was really sad when the mechanic informed me that the engine was just about done, I tried to have it fixed twice, but the old engine had had enough. I was extremly sad when I had to retire it, luckily though, I do still own it and have it in storage until I can replace the engine and allow it to prowl the streets of Pennsylvania once again. I now drive a 1991 F-150 with 116,000+ miles on it, and it still runs like a champ. Fords are the only vehicles I will ever buy, thank you Ford for making the truck,my F-100, that has made me a Ford guy forever.
Arztlaw 05/19/2010
I bought my 76 F100 302 V8 from the guy who bought it new. He was a Pearl Harbor survivor. He was a mechanic but got a new one from a friend that died. I had been looking for the oldest Ford pickup that could do my jobs, and this was it. I have had it for over ten years and though it shows its age it "sounds good, runs right, is a Ford through and through."