My Being A Ford Pickup Fan.

I bought my first used Ford pickup in 1977 and five of the selling features of the truck was it had were a factory installed side box in the truck bed for storage of chains, tools, and etc mounted forward of the right rear tire and behind the cab itself. It also had dual fuel tank, the Ford 302 V-8, automatic transmission, and camper.

I have to say that was a great truck and it kept me a satisfied Ford owner for about 6 years.

My wife and I drove my truck on our honeymoon in March of 1980 with a boat in the back so I could go fishing while on our honeymoon in south Florida.

I than sold it to my brother who needed a truck to pull his 27 foot Holiday travel trailer as a Navy man. He replaced the 302 with the 460 and he held onto it for several years while in the Navy going from FL, to MS, and back to FL.

It was a the begaining of a long list of Ford trucks to include a 1966 Bronco 4X4, 1986 Bronco II 4X4, 1989 F150 XLT Super Cab 4X4, 1991 Ranger, and finally my dream truck a 2003 F250 Supercrew XLT with the 7.3 liter Diesel 4x4 shortbed

Now if Ford would bring back the side box it had on that 1971 F100 I am sure you will see some smillling faces.