Lost And Found

By Scot S.

I'm a proud "re-owner" of a 1966 Ford F100 Custom Cab. When I was 20 years old I was disappointed to finish my day of work on a Saturday night to find my F100 that I had purchased 2 years prior from the original owner, gone. At first I thought some friends of mine were playing a joke on me, being Saturday and knowing how my friends are. But, it was not to be it was stolen. After hoping for quite some time that it would be returned it seemed that it was gone forever. About 6 months while going through some old files I found some old papers that referred to my truck and said to myself " I never see this again, time to move on" so I threw them out. A few weeks later I opened my mailbox to find a letter with city letterhead from my former home state. I opened it to find a police report that they found my truck, 28 years later, after a few months I was able to travel back home to get an idea what i was in for, and was plesantly surprised that, yes it will need some mechanical work, but nothing that can't be done, and thanks for Arizona weather the body is about 95% good. Now, I just have to get her home to nurse it back to health and get a great truck back on the road again.
Stellar R 01/29/2014
I am really happy to hear he got his truck back, I love Fords nice truck.