How I Got To Work For You!

When I was 17 everyone in my high school had to do a senior project by the end of the year and I was at a loss... I didn't know where to start but I knew I loved the automotive industry. Wanting to take Auto Shop Class grew from wanting to learn basic maintenence to more then that. I was given a 66 Ford F-100 later that same year from my grandpa and fell in love with it. Its been everything to me. Mainly it was my senior project, getting it running and showing the world what I had learned in class.

Now I've got it halfway restored and that project has lead me through 2 years in the Ford Asset program and 3 years after that out in the field working for you guys as a Diesel Technican. I love what I do and I couldn't be happer. My wife and I drove off in it at our wedding and that Truck is still the drive that pulls me into wanting to be better everyday.

Now I'm starting to get things ready for my first new car and cant imagine anything but a Ford. Day in and day out I work on these vehicles everyday and can't wait to have a new piece of technology in the garage next to my prized 66 f100. Hopefully the 2012 mustang I test drive this weekend will be parked in my garage for years to come.


Wyatt Schult
Certified Diesel Technican