Ford Truck Legacy - 1973 F-100 To 2010 F-150

By Wade H.

My fathers first truck was a 1973 F-100. He purchased this truck new, two years before I was born. This truck has always been in the family. Dad and I spent many a day pulling our boat to fish in Eastern North Carolina, on the few days that he had off from work. It always got us there and back, sometimes we even robbed parts off the truck to get the boat motor to run, and then reinstall them and come home. I still have the truck and it runs great. I recently purchased my first Ford truck a 2010 F-150, hopefully that one will be around for my son as long as this one has been for me. As for my son, he can't decide which one he likes better, I have the same problem. Dad passed away a few years back from cancer, but every time I drive it, it's like he's sitting in the passenger seat.
Angel 10/28/2011
Oh, the memories that have been made and will continue to made in this truck!!! Thanks for posting Wade! I will never forget two weeks after Dad had it painted you drove me to Grandpa's to drop off a Birthday cake I made him and we got in a wreck!! Dad was so understanding and you and him spent the next who knows how long fixing it!!! What a great legacy!!!
Wade Harper 10/28/2011
Check the moonshine runners rims!