Ford Family And Lovin It

We are a Ford family for sure. We own a 1968 Ford F-100, the body has been shortened via frame mods, roll cage installed , racing seats, 3 speed on the floor with a 400 Cleveland block, Its awesome and runs like a scolded dog, we also have a 1973 f-250 camper special, 3 speed on the floor with the original 390 big block FE engine, she's beautiful. and we also have a 94 f-150 extended cab, all daily drivers, can not wait to add a 83 bronco lifted of course , (we previously had one) and what i wouldn't give to own a new f-150 with ecoboost, totally plan on my nest tattoo being a ford emblem stating i'm a Ford girl all the way !!!!!!!!!!!! Thannk you Ford for making my family happy daily.