Ford 1954/53 F-100

By Al C.

I have wanted a 1953 F-100 all my adult life. I found a 54 on e-bay and placed a bid never thinking I would win at the bid price of $1,750 but, I did. I was on my way to Phoneix, AZ pulling a Camaro on a tow dolly for a friend. I found out on my way down that I won the auction. I had a car transport bring it from San Fran to Phoenix and I tow dollied it back to Milwaukee.
My Grandson has Aspergers Syndrome and we made it a Grandpa and Grandson project. We worked on it together the summer and into fall. We put a 67 Mustang 289 and C-4 in it for relaibility and I cheated by using a 53 grill. Electronic ignition, disk breaks, bucket seats. Lots of work done so far but still not done. I told my Grandson when I die it will be his. I hope to teach him to drive so he can get his license since he is now 19 and that is not an easy job with an Aspergers sufferer and I am getting older daily. He is always with me while we work on it to make it a daily driver not a show truck. Wish us luck.