A Rock Between Two Hard Places.

This is a tale of abuse, destruction, near death experience, and general foolishness. If any of those bother you, stop reading now.

Sometime during my high school years, in a small rural ND town, my father and I needed to get one busted mid 80's F-250 and one downed mid 50's F600 to the local junk yard. So, my father and a family friend chained both trucks to our decrepit 71' F-100 with a 300'6.

The chains went from the middle rear of the 100 to the front left of the 250, then from the right rear of the 250 to the front right of the 600.

I was in the 250 with a step stool as a seat and the steering wheel unbolted (because our friend wanted them). The drive was about 12 miles of hilly gravel roads. Also, the 600 had no breaks so our friend was planning to use the clutch combined with the seized motor to stop.

And we're off...

About 6 miles into the journey, our friend took the 600 out of gear because his leg got tired of holding the clutch in, and couldn't get it back in, so no breaks for him. At mile 8 we found a bridge at the bottom of a tall hill. Well, I discovered that my breaks had now failed do to being pummeled between the other two so I slammed into my dad when he slowed down, then took a solid hit from the rear by the 600, which dislodged my steering wheel. Then to make it worse, the chains (connected at opposite corners) gave one last tug before coming unhooked, which yanked me sideways directly toward the edge of the bridge at the bottom of the hill!

So here I am, sitting on a stool, careening toward a cliff, frantically trying to align my steering wheel to get it back on so I can avoid certain death! Then at the last moment as my dad crossed the bridge, I managed to get my steering back in time to swerve back onto the road. Whoo!

After much more bumping and slamming, we finally made it to the scrap yard. Both bumpers of the 250 were hanging, and the bed was just sorta flopping around, but we made it.

Anyway, moral of the story... Even though I was nearly killed by 3 old beater Fords, my blood still runs blue! Thanks for reading.