0ld Greenie

In 1977 I bought a used, green 1966 F-100 ford pickup. I gave 1300 dollars for it, thats all I could afford. It had 99,000 miles on it and all original.What a great truck its been. I drove it to work almost everyday for 29 years and it never let me down! I used it for anything from hauling wood to pulling a 16 ft trailer.When my children were small they loved to ride in the truck and play in the bed whenever dad would let them.They called my truck old greenie. This truck started a love affair between me and ford trucks. I still own this truck and have had it almost as long as my wife. She says I love my 1966 more than her.If you don't believe it ask her.In 2006 I finally retired old greenie still running with original engine, transmission, and rear end. I have since restored her because I felt like she deserved it. Thanks to Ford for making a great truck.