Me And My Master

I have arrived at my new home.  This is my third home.  My first home was The Pine Knob Farm, where I was a loyal and faithful farm hamd tp my Masster's Leland & Edith Olson. I lived and worked on that farm for seven years.  In 1957 My Master's moved to the villiage of Soldiers Grove, WI, where My Master partnered with his friend Melvin.  I worked as a construction hand, building barns, houses, churches and any other types of construction needed.  After 16 years My Masters partner desided to retire, so my Master also desided to no longer work full time.  In the mid 70's I was starting to show my age, so my Master sent me to stay with his Grandson Craig Mellem who was a automotive plastic surgen.  Craig gave me some new parts and a major face lift and restored me back to my current condition.  After that my Master helped his faith by volunteering at his church as their handyman.  He was also the go-to person for family, friends and farmers who were in need of assistance.
My last official duty was to drive my Master and his bride to their 70th wedding anniversary in 1999.  After the celebration was over all my Master's Children, Grandchildren, and great Grandchildren climed into my truck bed for one last family photo.  "What a last load that was".  In 2004 at age 99 My Master was called home and I was fully retired. in 2010 his bride Edith,also 99  was called home.  They both rest in pease at Kickapoo United Lutheran Curch.
Yesterday I arrived at my third home in Oxford CT at my Masters Grandson Yimmies house.  Norwegeians pronounce their "J"s as "Y"s.  I will continue my retirement with him and his family for years to come.  Currently Jimmies Son Justin is the only Greatgrandson with the Olson last name.  So this is where I will be.  2014 will be a very good year.  Fitting that the Acadamy of Country Music selected "I Drive Your Truck" as their song of the year in 2014. 
Let the memories continue.  Thanks for all the good old ones an more to come.
Your Faithfull 1950 Ford F-1 Pickup.