Me And My Master Part 2

Hello Its Me Again:  Its been a few weeks since we last talked.  When I arrived in Connecticut from Wisconsin I was tired, dehydrated, dirty and had an upset stomach.  Well, Jimmy put me in his garage and told me to get a good nights sleep, which I did.  Early the next morning he started on me.  He sprayed my breather with a decongestant to clean out my sinuses.  You know us old flat heads V-8's run much better when we breathe in good clean air.  He then put a laxative (Mystery Oil) into my food (Fuel).  He bought me a new complete of shoes (brake shoes that is) along with all the accessories.  He bought me a new rear view mirror and new floor mats.  He then put a brand new 6-volt pacemaker under my hood, and gave me a long hot shower and started me up.  I ran for a while and that laxative kicked in and kicked all that indigestion right out my tail pipe, that made everyone chuckle for a while.  Jimmy then started putting on my new shoes, not easy, He said a couple of bad word, but I wont tell anyone if you don't.  After all this work I really feel great, I run as good as new and I can stop on a dime.  Yesterday Jimmy and Justin took me to the lumber yard to pick up some supplies. Just like the old days, a carpenters helping hand again.  I am hoping Jimmy will take me down to his church to a classic car show.  I have never been to one before, they say they are fun.  I might meet some old cars my age.  They tell me that people walk around and look at you, kick your tires, pat your fenders and remember the old days and talk about them.  They dont know I am listening.  You know I have some old memories too, boy if I could only talk.  Last night when Jimmy parked me in ther garage and went into the house, he patted me on my hood and said "good Job" and he had a smile on his face, just like my Master used to do.  You all know I am in good hands now.
Thanks and we will talk again.
Your Faithful 1950 Ford F-1 pickup