Yellow Boy

I own a 1979 Ford Courier XLT 2.3 Engine with 4 speed trans. with over 257,000 miles on the little guy. I have own the truck for over 33 years. It is parked in my garage next to his big brother Crown Vick. I traded a 1969 F100 for my Courier. I was looking for a Courier when I bought it for the gas mileage. I drove it to work every day for over 19 years. And it has saved me a sack of money on gas since I had it. I really don't need it any more since I retired, but there is no way I will part with it. I have kept it in top shape ever since I drove it out of the Ford Dealship 33 years ago. Every time I drive it some one will start eye balling the little guy, asking me all types of questions about it. When I was in High School my parents gave me a 1941 Ford Club Coupe. I have always owned a Ford. Most of the time two. Even own a 1962 English Ford once.