The Truck Of My Life.

Hello all,
had gotten out of the military in early 93, and did the usal think of getting home and partying for awhile and spending money. Alot of it! So it was time to go to get a job,and the town I lived in did not have anything that would pay enough for me to even look at. So the next option was about 40 miles west and I needed wheels so I bought this old 72 Ford Courier from this Guy and I only paid $100.00 Bucks for. what a deal. this truck I thought at the time would last about a month maybe. Well i was wrong, I drove this truck for over 2 years almost 3. The last year I had it it was winter and my Girl friend and I had moved in together in a mobile home in a town further away from the town I worked in so now I was driving closer to 60 miles a day 1 way.
Plus I was driveing during the day doing installs for a wireless cable company. So the back to the story the Block had cracked , I had no heat anymore. My wife had to push start me in the morning to get it started, then I had to drive all day with no heat. So I threw an Army blanket over my legs and opened the window when the windsheild got frosted. Oh yeah I did have an ice scraper right on the seat next to me. But I got to say I reall hated to see that truck go. I really loved that truck after all, we drove many many miles in that vehicle. And I thought it would never last.
tim a 09/18/2012
I had a '82 courier - It was a neat little truck. I've since moved on to many Ford Rangers, which have all been good. Still miss the great manuerabllity of that little Courier - what it lacked in comforts, it made up for in practicallity.