My 1979 Ford Courier

I've own this little guy for over 33 years. I bought it in 1980 from a Ford dealer. I was looking for something that would give me good gas mileage. I traded a 1969 F100 that would only get 8 miles to the gallon. My Courier has serve me well. My parents give me a 1941 Ford Club Coup when I was in High School. I've own a Ford all my driving years. I even own a 1962 English Ford for a second car to drive me to my job. so I guess you could say I have Ford in my blood. My Courier is fun to drive. It took me to and from my job for over 19 years. I don't really need it any more since I retired. But there is no way I would part with it. It has set in my garage next to a 77 LTD, 83 Crown Vick, 96 Crown Vick and 2002 Crown Vick. My little Courier looks as good as the day I bought it. I live in Arizona and my Courier has Air Condition that gets as cold as it's big brother 02 Crown Vick. It has over 257,000 miles on it and still going strong.
I'm 80 years old now. The wife and I stay close to home now. no more traveling around the country. I spent over 27 years in the Air Force. Saince I was 19 years old we both have had our share og traveling and moving. one thing about being in the Air Force they aren't goig to let you stay in one place to long. There were several places I was station that I didn't care to be there. But you make the best of it, because like I stated above they aren't going to let you stay in one place to long. My 2002 Crown will probably be our last car. It only has 50,000 on it and like my 79 Ford Courier has never been out of Arizona. I don't have to worry about rust on my car or truck because I live in the middle of a desert. the summer sun is brutal on car paint and rubber goods but they both set in a enclosed garage.
At my age I guess I'll never break my stride. I don't need or have any use for a big pickup or even a Ford Ranger that's not made any more. I'm a member of "Ford Courier Collectot. Com" and we have over 2,000 members. And we all are Courier/Mazda owners. And we all have one thing in common is to keep the Ford Courier out of the junk yards. It's amazing how many members have bought these old trucks and are restoring them. I have seen a junk on 4 wheels that was turn into a show truck. We all help each other on repairs and hard to find parts. So my little Courier hangs out with his big brother, Crown Vick in my garage together. ~Roger~
My little Courier will be around when I'm gone. I have no desire to own another new pickup. With the Ranger going into the history books with the Courier I'll just keep my little guy. It's still got a lot of miles left in it.
tim a 09/28/2012
I too, had a Courier - it was my first pickup. I hauled some stuff in that little rascal. I've had Rangers ever since. Ford, we need another compact truck--If only F150s are available, I may have to break stride and go GM.